Getting involved: Sponsor a Bench at the Trust

Bench in Reg's Meadow
Bench in Reg's Meadow
Bench in Reg's Meadow

If you are looking for a way to support the work of the Trust you might like to consider sponsoring a bench. Whether it is to mark your favourite seat at one of our flying arenas, a special gift for a Trust supporter, or a  permanent way to commemorate a special occasion or person it makes a perfect long lasting gift.

The cost is a one-off payment of £50.00, and a permanent plaque will be placed on a hardwood bench in the area of your choice.

The recipient will also receive a welcome letter, a Trust Member's newsletter, HawkTalk, and a gift certificate.

All of the funds raised from our sponsor a bench project will go directly towards the work of the Trust

To support this scheme please complete the form here.

For more information please contact the Trust office on 01264 773850 or email:

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