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You’ve probably noticed that we’re passionate about birds of prey. If you’ve visited and seen any of our displays or talked to anyone on our team you’d probably agree that if there’s one thing we love to do it’s talk about them until the cows (or Bald Eagles) come home. That’s why we’ve sharing this with you in our wildlife podcast, ‘Nature’s A Hoot’. New episode are released on the first of each month, packed with loads of interesting information and discussions about birds of prey and the wild world around them.

Tom Morath, a member of our Bird Team, is one of the show’s creators and presenters. He wanted to develop the podcast to offer as many people as possible the chance to connect with the vital work we do and said “I know how passionate we all are at the Trust about the birds we work with. Talking about them and encouraging others to be just as inspired becomes second nature. The idea of ‘Nature’s a Hoot’ is to scratch the surface and go beyond what we’d normally talk about in our flying displays to give a fuller picture of the environments they live in and the challenges they face to simply survive. The podcast will be a new way to connect with us. You can have us on in the car on the way to work, in your headphones whilst you exercise or when settling down with a nice cup of tea.”

Conservation is at the heart of all that we do and we know that the best way to achieve our mission is to reach as many people as we can with our message. With this in mind, Tom’s teamed up with Hannah Shaw, our Conservation and Research Liaison to produce the podcast.

“We’ve been working to develop some really interesting episodes which I’m really excited for everyone to hear. Hannah’s passion for and knowledge of current projects conserving raptors, both directly and indirectly, really comes through in each episode and hopefully the podcast will offer something for everyone with an interest in the natural world.”

Tom Morath

Fundraising Events Manager and Bird Team

Tom’s interest in birds of prey is inspired by his grandparents love of the great outdoors, and many family days outside together. However, it was a bird of prey experience at the age of 12 that really started the ball rolling for Tom. He has worked with birds of prey at a number of different centres, before coming to the Trust in early 2019.

Outside work, Tom can usually be found exploring the countryside with his chocolate Labrador, Delilah.

Hannah Shaw

Conservation and Research Liaison

Hannah made more life changes than most when she took up her position. She moved back from Tanzania, where she had been working with rural village communities to help them deal with the human-elephant conflict whilst also trying to improve attitudes towards elephants. This background gave Hannah a particular interest in our poison response work with vultures in southern Africa, and how this is linked with elephant poaching.

Hannah is a keen environmentalist, and in her spare time can usually be found walking her dogs in the Hampshire countryside.

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Episode Insights

In each episode we share news, research and top tips that we’ve learnt. You can find out more and read the original articles, research and documents in the pages we’ve shared below.

The Future of Nature with Special Guest, Indy Greene

We give our reaction to the recently televised Extinction: The Facts programme, pondering the state of our natural world, and talk to up-and-coming conservationist and broadcaster, Indy Greene about his experiences as a young wildlife enthusiast.

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British Owls

Read more about Nature’s a Hoot, and access resources, photos and insights from our second episode, ‘British Owls’. This episode delves into the magical world of owls; Tom and Hannah reminisce about the owls they have seen in the wild and share their tips on spotting owls where you live.

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Inspired by the Wild

Read more about Nature’s a Hoot, and access resources, photos and insights from our first episode, ‘Inspired by the Wild’. In this first episode we feature what inspires us about nature, how COVID-19 might have impacted wildlife across the world and our first top tip for helping nature to thrive where you live.

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Did you know?
Most birds of prey have a third eyelid which acts a bit like a windscreen wiper for their eyes.
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