School trip ideas in Hampshire

A day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust is a wonderfully interactive learning experience offering pupils the opportunity to be immersed in nature for the day. Set in 22 acres of grounds, ranging from beautiful woodlands to our stunning wildflower meadow, we are located just off the A303 near Andover in Hampshire. With over 130 birds of prey comprised of around 60 different species – from owls to eagles – there is plenty on view, plus spectacular flying demonstrations and keeper’s talks to keep your school group entertained and occupied.

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A school visit with us includes:

School admission prices

Child £8.25
Student £12.50
Adult £13.15

Prices above for pre-booked groups only. Home Education groups are included in the school discount when a school workshop is booked in addition to a visit.

Pupils must be adequately supervised by a responsible adult at all times whilst on-site. In order to ensure this we ask that all groups adhere to our adult-pupil ratios for educational visits. One adult is admitted free of charge for every seven pupils for school bookings of Year 2 and older. One adult is admitted free of charge for every five pupils for school bookings of Reception and Year 1 pupils. One adult is admitted free of charge for evert ten students for Higher Education bookings.

We have found that the best opportunity for pupils and students to learn about the breadth of species and topics on offer is by visiting us here at the Hawk Conservancy Trust. While our focus for our education projects and workshops has been on-site at the Trust, we are looking to expand our outreach programme. If this may be of interest we would love to hear from you, please contact our Education Team via education@hawkconservancy.org. Please be aware that we no longer take our birds off-site unless strictly necessary, to ensure we maintain our high standards of care and management of our living collection.


Bringing 5-star education within reach

Are you having trouble securing the transport cost for your visit to the Trust? Is this discouraging you from booking with us? We are here to help!

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a £100 travel bursary to eligible schools to contribute towards the cost of coach hire during your visit. This bursary has been made possible by the generous support of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour. For further information, please contact our dedicated education team (education@hawkconservancy.org). Please include all relevant information regarding your booking (information detailed in the enquiry form below), and outline how the bursary will make a difference to your visit with us.

On-site Workshops

We have a full daily timetable of activities that your school group can take part in, including watching our world-class flying demonstrations. On top of these activities, we offer a range of on-site workshops that have been designed to give a more hands-on approach to learning.

All of our activities are listed below and are based on class size groups of between 12 and 30 pupils, but some can be adapted for larger groups.

Conservation in Action

Be prepared to see vultures in a whole different light while learning about the Trust’s worldwide conservation projects.

Objectives: Recognise the importance of looking after the natural world and the species in it. Identify threats facing endangered species and explain what being endangered means. Understand the positive and negative human impact on environments as well as the implications of science today and for the future.

Key subject: Science

Adaptable for: KS2 – KS4

Running time: 45-60 minutes

Price for 30 pupils: £80

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National Bird of Prey Hospital™

Gain an insight into the fascinating work of the Trust’s National Bird of Prey Hospital™, helping to treat, monitor and rehabilitate wild, injured birds of prey.

Objectives: Produce a report about the Trust’s National Bird of Prey Hospital™. Prepare a report from information learned through interviewing an experienced member of staff at the Trust. Pupils should be able to highlight important facts in their report.

Key subject: English

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS4

Running time: 30-40 minutes

Price for 30 pupils: £45

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Ask the Expert

Turn your pupils into budding young reporters!

Objectives: As a group, interview a professional in an unusual profession. Ask relevant questions, take notes and gather information to enable writing a report about what has been learnt. Prepare ideas and questions before the interview.

Key subject: English

Adaptable for: KS2 – KS4

Running time: 20-30 minutes

Price for 30 pupils: £45

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Introduction to Owls

This workshop provides pupils with a lovely introduction the incredible world of owls.

Objectives: Identify and describe different owl species by looking at size, behaviours, feathers and adaptations, and learn how these differences help owls survive in the wild.

Key subject: English and Science

Adaptable for: EYFS – Year 2

Running time: 50 minutes

Price for 30 pupils: £80

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Bird of Prey Adaptations

Delve into the world of survival and find out just how amazing nature really is.

Objectives: Recognise that birds have different adaptations which aid their survival in the wild. Through observations and gathering information from different sources throughout the visit, pupils will identify key adaptations and their function.

Key subject: Science

Adaptable for: KS1 – KS3

Running time: 50-60 minutes

Price for 30 pupils: £80

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Workshop prices

 Pupils 30-40 minute workshops 45-90 minute workshops
12-30 £45 £80
31-40 £55 £95
41-50 £65 £110
51-60 £75 £125

Workshops are run for a minimum of 12 pupils.

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