The 100 Club

One of the many perks of being one of our members is that you will receive an invitation to join the 100 Club, giving you an opportunity to have a little fun whilst supporting our vital conservation work a little more. Members of the 100 Club buy shares (at only £5 per month) which are put into a monthly prize draw (with an extra draw in November as a Christmas special). Each month, three winners are drawn to receive £100, £50 or £25, respectively.

Payment can be made by cheque or Standing Order, either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, and members can hold as many shares as they wish.

Winning numbers in 2020

Month £100 £50 £25
January 189 98 118
February 154 161 167
March 214 38 156
April 48 207 101
May 32 97 12
June 138 43 71
July 207 167 34
August 26 94 42
September 97 11 152
October 83 49 44
Christmas Special

Income and Expenditure

(up to Saturday 31 October 2020)

Shares 214
Members 165
Prize Money £58,190
Donations to the Hawk Conservancy Trust £157,672
Money in the bank for our next project £4,088

Download a copy of the full breakdown of income and expenditure since the 100 Club’s inception in 1994 (up to Tuesday 31 December 2019).

Some of the recent projects that the 100 Club has funded are listed below.

Donated towards construction of new feed room

Cost = £4,000

Donated in 2019

Donated towards materials for re-roofing aviaries

Cost = £1,500

Donated in 2019

Donated towards construction of new Burrowing Owls exhibit

Cost = £10,000

Donated in 2018

Upcoming Projects

The 100 Club are currently busy saving funds to replace two of the older aviaries located in the centre of the park.

Did you know?
Falcons have a notch in their beak called a ‘tooth’, which is used to dispatch their prey.
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