The 100 Club

One of the many perks of being one of our members is that you will receive an invitation to join the 100 Club, giving you an opportunity to have a little fun whilst supporting our vital conservation work a little more. Members of the 100 Club buy shares (at only £5 per month) which are put into a monthly prize draw (with an extra draw in November as a Christmas special). Each month, three winners are drawn to receive £100, £50 or £25, respectively.

Payment can be made by cheque or Standing Order, either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually, and members can hold as many shares as they wish.

A message from Thelma and John

“Each year we have a full timetable of activities to keep the 100 Club running.

At the beginning of the year, we meet with Penny Smout and Andy Hinton to hear about their exciting plans for the park for the given year. Between us we agree which projects the 100 Club can support during the year, depending on their needs and the funds the 100 Club have available.

Each month, once Club finances have been updated and a draw carried out, the results are updated here and a paper copy is posted just outside the shop.

We always look forward to welcoming new members to the 100 Club. For more information, please contact us via hundredclub@hawkconservancy.org.”

Thelma and John Cobbold

Winning numbers in 2021

Month £100 £50 £25
January 31 150 149
February 120 101 191
March 6 91 98
April 96 116 197
May 168 11 171
June 119 217 166
July 29 242 12
August 192 2 5
September 195 113 69
October 244 139 12
November 58 259 186
December 258 262 130
Christmas Special 55 23 168

Income and Expenditure

(up to Friday 31 December 2021)

Shares 263
Members 193
Prize Money £60,990
Donations to the Hawk Conservancy Trust £165,672
Money in the bank for our next project £9,835

Download a copy of the full breakdown of income and expenditure since the 100 Club’s inception in 1994 (up to Thursday 31 December 2020).

Some of the recent projects that the 100 Club has funded are listed below.

Donated towards Raptor Nest Box Project for materials and equipment

Cost = £1,000

Donated in 2021

Donated to pay for the substrate in six large, state-of-the-art aviaries

Cost = £5,000

Donated in 2020

Donated towards construction of new feed room

Cost = £4,000

Donated in 2019

Upcoming Projects

The 100 Club are planning to pay for materials to build new night quarters for Angola the Secretary Bird later this year. They’re also busy saving funds so that the Trust have a usable amount at their disposal should they need it.

Did you know?
The Secretary Bird’s name could originate from two theories. The first is that it looks are like the old-fashioned secretaries who carried quill pens behind their ears. Alternatively, it could come from the Arabic ‘saqr-et-tair’. Saqr means ‘hunter’ or ‘hawk’ and tair means ‘flight’ or ‘bird’.
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