Introduction to Owls

This workshop provides pupils with a lovely introduction the incredible world of owls. During a short tour of the grounds stopping at some of our resident owl aviaries, pupils can discover British and non-native species.

We will compare the differences between owl species by looking at a variety of aspects about each species, including:

During the workshop, pupils will have an opportunity to meet one of our resident owls and witness it’s graceful, silent flying skills in one of our flying arenas. Pupils will also learn about how the Trust helps wild owls.

We often link this session to the popular story books ‘Owl Babies’, by Martin Waddell or the ‘Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ by Jim Tomlinson. Please do let us know in advance if you are reading either of these books in school and would like to request to meet the species featuring in the book.

This workshop can be adapted to compare diurnal birds of prey to owls on request, if ‘classification’ is the topic link of interest.

Key subject:

English and Science

Adaptable for:

EYFS – Year 2


Pupils will be able to:

Curriculum links:

Understanding the world (Early Years)

Year 1 and 2

Running time:

50 minutes

Did you know?
Like other species of eagle owl, the Siberian Eagle Owl has ear tufts which aren’t actually ears at all, but are feathers that are raised or lowered according to the bird’s mood.
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