Explore Nature

We are delighted to launch Explore Nature, a fantastic new venture to inspire the next generation of conservationists and supported by our official partners Investec.

Explore Nature is all about connecting more young people to the wonderful natural world around us. We are absolutely thrilled to offer students aged 12-16 the exciting opportunity to experience a wildlife and conservation-focused day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

Students will spend a full day at the Trust immersed in the natural settings and habitats of our grounds. They will explore their role in the natural world, learn about the importance of conserving our natural world and why nature and biodiversity are important, and be introduced to practical wildlife research and fieldwork. Students will also learn how to find, help and appreciate nature on their local patch, whether urban or rural, and each day will include an interactive session where they are encouraged to share their ideas on how we can conserve nature better, and inspire other budding conservationists.

Our overall goal with Explore Nature is to improve access and connection to nature for young people, inspire a passion for wildlife, and emphasise the importance of spending time in nature for our wellbeing. Our aim is to be completely inclusive, so we arrange Explore Nature days directly with schools to reach students who may not usually have access to this type of activity. Each ‘Explore Nature Trainee’ will be awarded a certificate to recognise and celebrate their participation.

As an Explore Nature Trainee this experience could help you to start a nature-focused career, and give you an understanding of what that could involve, or it could simply inspire you to learn more about and protect the wildlife in your local area. You will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from our staff, and gain advice, whether that is about a career in conservation, or their best tips for spotting Red Kites! We will help you learn how to spot, identify and radio track birds of prey, and other species. We will also introduce you to the amazing biodiversity of wildlife at the Trust, and on your doorstep, and we will explore how we can communicate better about nature and conservation.

Benefits of participating:

Key subject:


Subject links to:

Geography, Media

Aimed towards:

Key Stage 4 & 5

Running time:

A full day.


Did you know?
When threatened, vultures sometimes vomit. This is used to lighten their body weight for an easier getaway.
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