National Bird of Prey Hospital™

Gain an insight into the fascinating work of the Trust’s National Bird of Prey Hospital™ with a talk from staff who work in the hospital helping to treat, monitor and rehabilitate wild, injured birds of prey.

Pupils will learn about the hospital’s role as a facility for our conservation, research and rehabilitation work, and have the opportunity to ‘ask the expert’ any questions about caring for wild birds and the job role itself.

Our hospital is a fascinating facility and provides a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about and show pupils some of the stages of the bird of prey life cycle. This can be an interesting choice of activity in May, June and July as there are often captive-bred young birds being reared in the hospital who will eventually be trained to join our flying team.

With some species it’s possible the pupils will be able to view them in brooding incubators or when the chicks are a little older they can be brought outside. It’s a really special experience for the pupils but it is dependent on timing and, of course, nature! Unfortunately, we cannot take visitors and groups inside the hospital. However, pupils will find out who is in receiving treatment at the time of their visit and there is often the opportunity to discreetly view patients being prepared for their release back to the wild!

We do advise that pupils come prepared with any questions as it’s a great opportunity to engage with a professional with an unusual job. This activity supports the continual development of pupils’ confidence and competence in spoken language and listening skills.

An added activity can be added for groups of 15-30 (Key Stage 3 and above) pupils, where they can learn a traditional falconry technique called ‘imping’ which is used to mend broken major flight feathers.

Key subject:

English (report writing)

Subject links to:

Media studies (writing for an audience), Science

Adaptable for:

Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4


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