Conservation and Research Summer Intern

Sadly, due to the circumstances with COVID-19, our internship for 2020 has been put on hold until further notice. Please see below for more information about our internships, which we hope to offer in 2021.

Interns help with the activities of the Trust’s Conservation and Research Department. The work involves a variety of activities that could include bird surveys, small mammal monitoring, radio-tracking, public engagement and education, on-park duties, literature searching and some data management and analysis.

Terms: Our internships are usually 8-10 weeks during the summer.

Location: Based on-site at the Hawk Conservancy Trust and with fieldwork in surrounding areas (Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex).

The ideal intern would have:

Did you know?
Vultures can locate a dead animal from far away. They use their excellent eyesight to watch other vultures that are looking for dead carcasses too, creating an efficient foraging network across huge areas.
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