Give as you earn

By making regular donations to the Hawk Conservancy Trust through payroll giving, you will be supporting us in the most cost effective way. Regular donations are crucial to helping us achieve our ambitious goal of conserving birds prey and this is a fantastic way of making your donation go further.

Your regular donation can be deducted from your pay either before or after you have paid tax.

As an example, if you are a standard, 20% taxpayer, for every £1 you donate, we will receive an extra 20p* which you would have otherwise paid in tax. This means that if you choose to donate £10 per month, you will actually only pay £8. Your company may also decide to match the donation you make to us, further increasing the support you have generated toward our mission.

*at the standard tax rate of 20 per cent.

You pay (20% tax payer) You pay (40% tax payer) We receive
£8 £6 £10
£20 £15 £25
£40 £30 £50

Give as you earn (GAYE) is a flexible scheme which is available to anyone who pays UK income tax and who is employed by a UK organisation.

If you want to setup payroll giving to help the work of the Trust, you will need the following details for your employer:

Did you know?
The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most widely distributed and successful raptors on the planet. They’re found in most habitats from extreme cold to extreme heat, from sea level to over 4000m. They’re also adapting to live in cities.
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