Children's Birthday Parties

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a great place if you’re organising a children’s birthday party to remember. They can delight in a day filled with owls, eagles, vultures and falcons. Not only can you make the most of our daily timetable of activities, but children can blow off steam in the playground and as part of our activity trail.

You can also reserve a table and pre-order your food from Feathers Restaurant for lunch or cakes and refreshments in the afternoon. We can even supply party bags and invitations so you can enjoy the party just as much as the children will! Please email us on info@hawkconservancy.org to enquire about party bags.

Did you know?
Many birds hunt, kill and eat meat but they may not be raptors. Only raptors have hooked beaks with sharp edges, feet with sharp, curved claws or talons and keen eyesight.
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