Booking information for your visit

Pre-booking your visit is essential (for members and non-members). To allow for social distancing at the Trust, we must restrict the number of visitors coming to the Trust. Tickets cannot be refunded or moved to a different date.

There are two really important things that we would like to happen during your visit:

We need your help to achieve this. Inevitably, we have made some changes to a day at the Trust but we’re very confident you can have the usual uplifting day with us. Please work together with us to help everyone have a great day with our birds and stay safe and healthy.

Here’s a handy summary of the key things for you to know

What we would like to ask you to do 

What we’re doing

Before you book tickets to come and visit us, please read our visitor information which explains the new measures we’ve put in place for the safety of all visitors, staff and volunteers at the Trust.


You will need your membership card to hand to pre-book your visit. We have restricted visitor numbers each day and so we are issuing a plea to all members to be respectful with the number of visits you book.

Book tickets

We have restricted numbers each day to ensure social distancing. If you are not able to book a slot to visit straight away, we will release more dates soon.

Buy tickets
Ticket/voucher holders

If you have a ticket or voucher, please read through our helpful guide of how you can use these and what you need to do.

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Food and Drink

Feathers Restaurant will be open to serve a range of homemade hot and cold meals, as well as afternoon tea, ice creams and hot drinks. The menu changes each day and we always have some tasty specials.

Feathers Restaurant’s food and drink ordering process will remain the same with customers ordering at our counter. We have robust social distancing measures in place to keep our visitors and staff safe. We have some tables inside and plenty outside to accommodate our customers while they enjoy their food and drink and ask that they continue to be thoughtful of other customers while sharing our dining spaces.

Range of Hot and Cold Food

Choose from Feathers Restaurant when you arrive from our daily menu. Includes sandwiches, jacket potatoes, salads and hot meals.

Hot and cold drinks, ice creams and snacks

Including homemade cakes, speciality and seasonal hot drinks and locally-produced ice cream.

Please help us

The lack of income from being closed and now having to limit daily visitor numbers is severely impacting our ability to carry out our conservation work, please help us continue our mission – the conservation of birds of prey. We have made strides with this in the past and it is frightening to think we won’t be able to continue to do the same for the future. Please help us by donating if you can

Did you know?
The Hooded Vulture is a species with two lifestyles – in West Africa, it lives near people in towns and villages while in southern Africa it’s a bird of the bush and protected areas.
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