If you share our passion for birds of prey and would like to get much closer and learn more about them, we offer experience sessions for small groups of up to six guests*. This is a great chance to fly a variety of our birds, ask our knowledgeable, friendly and passionate team questions and learn more about our conservation and rehabilitation work. We have a selection of experiences to choose from where you can meet a greater variety of our birds, or a more specialised selection of owls or vultures.

*Photography experiences are held for up to eight guests.

A Day with Birds of Prey

This whole day experience gives you the opportunity to meet and fly a variety of species, which may include eagles, owls, hawks, vultures and other birds in our collection.

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Bird of Prey Experience

This three hour session will allow you to get closer to and learn more about the birds at the Trust, with opportunities to fly species which may include owls, vultures and eagles.

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Owl Experience

For owl lovers. This three hour session enables guests to get near to and fly several owl species, including a close encounter with a Barn Owl!

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Lloyd and Rose Buck Experience

This full day experience will allow you to meet some of Lloyd and Rose’s birds (you may recognise them from their TV appearances) and learn about the wonderful life they live together.

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African Bird of Prey Experience

Immerse yourself in Africa in this three hour session and fly a variety of African species of birds of prey, which may include an African Fish Eagle and a Milky Eagle Owl.

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Vulture Experience

We think vultures are fantastic creatures and we aim to champion them in all that we do. Join us for this special experience so that we can share our passion for these birds with you.

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Young Falconer Experience

Become a young falconer for the day! Join us for a three hour session, and follow the typical pattern of a falconer’s day.

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Children's Owl Experience

Step aside Harry Potter! Now is your chance to get close to our stunning team of owls and step into their magical world.

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Full Day Photographic Experience

Spend a relaxed day at the Trust dedicated to photographing our incredible birds in flight and static poses, giving you the opportunity to capture that elusive perfect shot.

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Half-day Photographic Experience

Join us for a three hour session dedicated to capturing the magnificence and beauty of our birds in stunning photographs for you to cherish forever.

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Behind-the-scenes Winter Experience
This exclusive experience allows you to join experienced falconer, Cédric Robert, to learn about and fly a variety of awe-inspiring birds at a time when our grounds are closed to the public.
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Snow photography days
Should it snow during the winter, we will open our grounds to a small group of photographers to capture those magical shots which are so tricky to find.
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Did you know?
Falcons have small cartilageous structures in the middle of their nares that create turbulence as air rushes towards their face during a high-speed stoop.
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