Directors and Staff

Our Directors are skilled professionals who donate their time to act in the charitable and legal interests of the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

President: Chris Packham
Vice-president: Mark Anderson
Vice-president: Major Nigel Lewis
Vice-president: Sonja Rowe
Chairman: Marion Paviour
 Mathew Dryden
 Nick Gent
 Helen Hyde
 Adam Johnson
 Scott Jones
 Brian Matthews
 Denzil Sharp

Our staff are all very passionate about birds of prey and their conservation; this is most noticeable when you hear them talking at the flying demonstrations or chat to them during your visit.

Many of our staff have multi-functional roles, being responsible for our birds of prey and for the various activities that enable the smooth day to day running of the Trust. Our Falconry staff are excellent hosts on the experience days and flying demonstrations, skilled handlers and trainers of our birds of prey, and great ambassadors for the Trust.

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is also fortunate to enjoy the support of a team of dedicated volunteers who give up their time to assist with the many activities at the Trust, from simple tidying of the park to basic bird husbandry, and from giving public commentaries to representing the Trust at outside events.


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