Adopt an owl

This is the perfect gift for all owl lovers. Whether you’re captivated by the splendour of Snowy Owls or the grace and skill of Barn Owls, you can adopt an owl for yourself, a loved one or a friend. It costs from just £55 to adopt one of our owls. Your fees, which are renewable annually, contribute to the care of our birds.

In return for adopting one of our fantastic owls, you will receive:

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Barn Owl
Snowy Owl

Premium Adoption

Help support your chosen adoptee even more and become an exclusive premium adopter. In return you will receive:

From £175 per adoption

Please note: Due to the exclusive nature of our premium adoptions, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to become the premium adopter of your chosen bird.

We currently have no birds available for premium adoption.

Premium Adoptions Enquiries

If you are interested in adopting a bird or species not currently available for adoption, and would like to be informed if it becomes available, please complete the below form. Please note that some birds are adopted long-term so we cannot guarantee that they will become available at any given time.

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    Did you know?
    Owls are often associated with Hallowe’en because in the Middle Ages they were often thought to be witches. It was also believed that if you heard an owl’s call, it meant someone was going to die.
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