Hawk TV

Check out some of our video clips that showcase who we are and also give you a bit of insight behind-the-scenes of our daily work. For more great videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

A day with us...

When you visit the Hawk Conservancy Trust you will witness breath-taking flying demonstrations, enjoy a full timetable of daily activities and witness our team’s passion and enthusiasm for birds of prey (it is truly infectious!).

Vulture MOT

In November we gave all of our birds (and their aviaries) their annual health check and general ‘MOT’.

The investigative vulture

Boe, our Egyptian Vulture, is such an inquisitive bird and brilliant to work with. She really likes to know what we’re up to each time we go in her aviary and investigates everything, including the camera!

The battle of wills: Cedric v. Hector

When you’re having too much fun and you just don’t want to go home…

Who will come out on top in the battle of wills? Experience falconer, Cedric, or the rather strong-willed Hector, our Griffon Vulture? This clip was captured on one of our Vulture Experiences.

It's Christmas time!

Our Meerkats have been opening their Christmas presents early…

Releasing a Peregrine Falcon back to the wild

In April, we released a wild Peregrine Falcon back to the wild after having been treated, in our National Bird of Prey Hospital, for an abscess in its throat. In consultation with Keith Betton (a local Peregrine Falcon expert), we found out that this bird was born in Sweden and was ringed in the nest in 2010. This sighting is the first since it was ringed as a chick.

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