Caption competition 2010 - Finalists

March Paul and Gareth with Saker Falcon on cadge Hamish Smith Through the medium of dance, Paul, Gareth and Drifter conjugate the verb to cadge.
Hamish Smith

April Paul with Secretary Bird Philip Jefferies Working at the Hawk Conservancy Trust : The only job where you can chase the secretary and get away with it.
Fran Light

May Jimmy with Striated Caracara Hamish Smith Auditions are underway for the Hawk Conservancy's next project - "Fund-a-Bird - the Musical"
John Cobbold

June Cedric with Tawny Eagle Sean Cameron There was once an eagle the colour of toast,
who liked to sit on a telegraph post.
Up Cedric went,
all night he spent
'til daylight came and darkness went
Amy Whitewick

July Paul with rubber snake Hamish Smith WINNER

Paul suddenly realised that it wasn't a rubber snake after all.
Brigid Campbell

August Two Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys holding a wellie! Dave
I'm sure this isn't beef wellington, it tastes as tough as old boots.
Dave Joicey

Sep Two pairs of legs Janet Marshall Splice 2: the horrors of genetic engineering
Brigid Campbell

Oct Horse and rider with falconer in the foreground swinging a lure Dave
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to use a carrot on the lure when the chicken ran out.
Brigid Campbell

Nov Kim with Burrowing Owl Martin
Telepathy had been fun until Kim discovered what raw chicken with feathers tastes like.
Brigid Campbell

Dec Hamish Smith Due to an error with the units the chocolate animal souvenirs he'd ordered could not be used
Nigel Evans

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