Conservation Overseas Projects: Gyps Vulture Restoration Project


The massive decline of three vulture species in south Asia is one of the most significant disasters to have befallen the natural world.

Conservation organisations from around the world have become involved to save what remains of the populations. Conservation breeding centres are one of the major initiatives introduced to conserve breeding populations.

The Hawk Conservancy Trust has been working with Oriental White-backed Vultures Gyps bengalensis since 1997, and formed a working partnership with WWF-Pakistan in 2004.

Here is a summary of the project. Follow the links at the end for additional background information and recent developments.


Maintain the working partnership with WWF-Pakistan in the development and maintenance of a conservation breeding facility for vultures in Pakistan


  • Provide training and support for project staff
  • Continue field visits in support of in situ conservation efforts
  • Continue fundraising efforts for facility running costs and conservation objectives


  • The establishment of a successful captive management facility in Pakistan
  • Long term maintenance of the captive management facility in Pakistan
  • The reintroduction of Oriental White-backed Vultures to the wild


This is a long term project, which is likely to run for at least ten years.

Partners and Supporters

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