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Oriental White Backed Vultures were once seen in their hundreds of thousands on every street corner across the Asian subcontinent. Sadly due to their recent decline this is now a sight that may never be seen again.

Despite intensive work to find the cause of the declines, it was not until 2003 that the main reason – veterinary drug called Diclofenac – was discovered. Vultures feeding on carcasses of domestic livestock treated with the drug will die rapidly.

In 2004, the Trust formed a working partnership with WWF in Pakistan, and helped set up a conservation breeding facility in Changa Manga, about 50 miles southwest of Lahore. The Trust is providing technical support and training facilities, and through fundraising efforts will contribute towards the running costs of the facility into the future.

Head of Conservation and Research Campbell Murn visited Pakistan to help design and develop the breeding centre. He visited again to work on the newly completed facility and also to work with WWF-Pakistan on future plans for the project.

The conservation breeding centre is the first of it’s kind in Pakistan, and was completed in March 2007

The breeding colony at Changa Manga, in combination with other breeding centres in south Asia, is one of the last remaining chances for this critically endangered species. The Hawk Conservancy Trust will devote all of its expertise in trying to save this vital species from extinction.

SAVE logoThe South Asia vulture recovery effort is a major international partnership, which has been brought together under a conservation consortium: SAVE (Save Asia's Vultures from Extinction).
Details of SAVE and its activities can be found at

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