Owls of which you can be a friend

This is a selection of the Owl species that we care for at the Trust. Click on any picture for a larger version, and click on the name of the species to be taken to the application form.

If you are looking for a particular species that is not listed here please call our main office on 01264 773850.

Image SpeciesPersonality Name(s)
Tawny Owl 'Chestnut'. Photo by Philip Jefferies   Tawny Owl Chestnut, Troy
Barn Owl   Barn Owl Test, Avon, Mulberry
Great Grey Owl 'Molly'.Photo by Joy Parton   Great Grey Owl Molly
Little Owl 'Achilles'. Photo by Jo Smith   Little Owl Achilles
Milky Eagle Owl. Photo by Julian Parton   Milky Eagle Owl Cavelli, Tolkien
Siberian Eagle Owl 'Cinnamon'. Photo by James Houghton   Siberian Eagle Owl Cinnamon
Snowy Owl 'Sweeney Todd'. Photo by Claire Ash   Snowy Owl Sweeney Todd

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