Projects:Dietary assessment of captive raptors

Introduction and rationale:

Dietary studies are an essential part of zoo research. Understanding how different food types contribute to the nutritional well-being of captive animals leads directly to improvements in welfare and husbandry.

Because raptors are almost exclusively carnivorous, the range of food types available to them in captivity appears limited. However, there are a variety of food types, and understanding the nutritional value of each is important. This is particularly important in the case of birds used for educational demonstrations and flying displays. There is also a need to understand how different food types contribute to existence metabolism in raptors.

Aim: To better understand the value of different food types and dietary requirements of HCT stock


  • Publication in relevant literature
  • Revision and input to current management guidelines
  • Presentation at annual zoo research symposium


  • Improved animal husbandry and welfare

Comments: This project contributes directly to an additional study examining energy expenditure in flying birds.

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