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In addition to our field projects in England and overseas, the zoological collection at the Trust is an immensely valuable resource for learning about birds of prey.

Research on birds at the Trust aims to help improve husbandry methods and overall management, and can also provide useful information to researchers working on birds in the wild – particularly for species that are hard to observe.

The Trust aims to make this research environment a valuable education opportunity for trainee and student researchers, who are encouraged to apply for summer placements or voluntary opportunities.

This page provides links to several of our projects. Some projects aim to provide information that will improve animal husbandry and management techniques, whilst others aim to investigate certain aspects of behaviour, breeding or ecology.

Non-observational research projects (i.e. where birds are handled or treated in some way) are very rare at the Trust and subject to strict review by our ethics committee. The review process critically examines the benefits of any project that involves direct interaction with animals and compares these with any potential negative impacts.

The Trust is always happy to hear from interested researchers with suggestions for projects. Please contact the Chief Scientific Officer, Campbell Murn if you wish to conduct a research project at The Hawk Conservancy Trust.

Follow these links to learn about some current projects:

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