Would you like to help us with our research?

As part of our UK conservation and research work, we are aiming to develop regional and county-based population estimates of Kestrel, Buzzard and Red Kites, and we are looking for volunteers to help us.

This role will involve walking predetermined 7-10km routes along public rights of way and open access areas. Transect routes are in randomly generated locations (maps will be provided). During these walks, you will need to stop to scan the surroundings regularly (both with and without binoculars – not provided).

You will need to be 100% confident in your ability to identify Kestrels, Buzzards and Red Kites in the landscape and you will need to record various information, using a laser rangefinder and compass.

We are looking for at least two volunteers in each of the eight counties covered by our study area (Berkshire, Buckhinghamshire, Hampshire, Kent, Oxford, Surrey, and East and West Sussex). We would like volunteers who can commit to walking at least five transects (ideally both in the Autumn and Spring, although this is negotiable).

Please note that these are voluntary roles and do not cover expenses. Maps, compasses and rangefinders will be provided on loan for the duration of your volunteer period and volunteers will be required to provide their own set of binoculars. Training on the necessary approaches/protocol for the transects will be provided. Please contact info@hawkconservancy.org if you’re interested.

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