What to do with the kids this Easter?

Spring is in the air and now is the perfect time for you to get outside and immerse yourself and the children in nature.

This Easter we will be launching some fantastic new activities, including a new keeper’s talk about Secretary Birds – ‘An audience with … Madeleine’. Secretary Birds take no prisoners with their powerful kicking prowess and last year the Trust took part in some intriguing research to quantify the speed and force of this kick. Find out more about this fascinating bird in the Trust’s new talk or watch a sneak preview video below.

Intrepid adventurers can hunt for clues, stamps and answers to fill their passport as part of the brand new Young Explorer’s Trail with the ultimate aim of winning a special Easter treat! Children can also let off steam in the adventure playground, or by taking a tractor ride around our stunning wildflower meadow and by cheering on our ferrets as they race.

A day at the Trust

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is a fantastic, full day out for all the family. Visit this Easter to see three world-class flying displays and over 130 birds of prey on view, from the tiny Pearl-spotted Owlet to the impressive Steller’s Sea-Eagles. Every visitor can meet a British owl and adults can even fly a Harris’s Hawk.

During the morning display, you’ll be transported to the African Savannah where you can see and hear the storms and bushfires of the wild grasslands. Through the smoke you’ll see birds of prey in action, with Yellow-billed Kites hunting as the ‘fire’ forces their dinner out into the open. Owls will get close, flying silently and majestically by. You’ll even get the chance to witness cheeky Meerkats getting up to their tricks.

The afternoon begins in Reg’s Wildflower Meadow with the Valley of The Eagles display. The Trust’s Hooded Vultures and Black Kites aren’t shy and will happily fly just above your heads. In an epic finale, watch a Bald Eagle soar across the Cholderton Valley, and return to the Trust from over a mile away.

The final display of the day, Woodland Owls, will take you on a mystical experience through the Silver Birch Glade on a trail of fascination and folklore associated with these fascinating birds. From out of nowhere, you may feel a breeze above or even the gentle brush of a wing as our owls come to investigate. Some members of the audience will even get a chance to be part of these displays as these specially trained birds show off their unique hunting skills.

Bring the family to the Hawk Conservancy Trust for a day in the country; to have fun, to learn, to be inspired and to be amazed.

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