Ben v James

This year, two members of our bird team, James and Ben, will be challenging themselves in order to raise funds for critically endangered vultures.

In September, Ben is going to be launching himself into the sky in a tandem skydive with a member of the British Army’s Parachute Display Team, The Red Devils. Although he won’t quite reach the mighty speeds of a Peregrine Falcon’s stoop, Ben will be diving an incredible 15,000ft!

Whilst Ben dives to the ground, James is going to be attempting the Three Peaks Challenge. With the tallest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales to conquer in 24 hours, this is no mean feat. James is in training and has been spending his days off racking up the miles. So far, the longest walk he has completed in training is 16 miles!

Ben and James are a very competitive pair and have great camaraderie, so decided to race to see who could reach their target of £1,000 first. It was close, but Ben narrowly beat James to it although they have now both exceeded their target. To continue the contest, they are now fighting it out to see who can raise the most money for vultures.

To support one or both of them, you can:

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