Our Africa Project Officer Andre gives some insights on his recent work!

We were very lucky that our Africa Project Officer Andre made it to the UK for a visit to the Trust (and safely back home to South Africa!) just before the virus restrictions were increased. Andre joined us for our International Vulture Programme Conference last week, and our Conservation and Research Liaison, Hannah, caught up with him while he was here. We were extremely heartened to hear that, although the situation for vultures is still very bad, we are making an impact with our work. Fewer animals are being poisoned, and Andre still has hope that we can turn this situation around. He humbly told us that it is not just a job for him. Listen to Andre telling Hannah about his work, and see how passionate he is about conserving these vital birds!

Find out more about Andre’s work and how you can help: https://www.hawk-conservancy.org/prk/

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