Nature’s a Hoot Episode 8: Weird, Sexy and Hilarious Nature with Sophie Pavelle

Here you can read more about Nature’s a Hoot, and access resources, photos and extra insights from our eighth episode where we talk science communication, water boatmen and beavers, with special guest Sophie Pavelle.

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Tom and Hannah catch up about their recent wildlife explorations, including Hannah’s first bumblebee of the year, always a momentous occasion! And we hear the latest on their wildlife gardens, including our wildflower patches, and of course, our wildlife ponds. And how we are both ever hopeful for nesting bluetits!

In this month’s Matter of Fact Challenge, where we ask you, our wonderful listeners to vote for the best fact in the chosen category from Tom or Hannah, we battle out ‘Best Parenting Skills’! This month it is the epically dedicated Giant Pacific Octopus versus the wonderfully caring Orang-Utan. Who will you pick? Listen to find out more! Our challenge choices will be up on Twitter and Instagram as a poll, and it’s up to you to decide the victor so head over to cast your vote!

Hannah also gives us an update on the recent success at Changa Manga Breeding Centre in Pakistan. Our Pakistan Vulture Restoration Project is a very exciting project, and we were thrilled that the Critically Endangered Asian White-backed Vultures at the purpose-built, state-of-the-art breeding facility are doing wonderfully well, with three new chicks in 2021! This project also includes Vulture Safe Zones, which are areas where we monitor vulture populations and work with local communities and livestock farmers to keep the area safe from harmful drugs such as diclofenac. Listen to the podcast for the latest updates, and click here for more information about this project.

We had so much fun chatting with Sophie Pavelle, and fascinated to hear her insights about how to communicate about science and nature. Sophie studied Science Communication and is Communications Coordinator at the Beaver Trust. She tells us about her exciting work with beavers, as well as imparting her extensive knowledge about ‘SciComm’. We hear about all the different ways you can talk about nature, from 60-second videos to nature quizzes, the undeniable value of social media, and how humour can often be the best way to engage your audience! You can catch up with Sophie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Top Tip

Our Top Tip this month is all about how to help our wonderful returning migrants. Swifts, martins and swallows will soon return from their winter migration to breed in the UK. They can travel from as far away as sub-Saharan Africa, so why not lend them a hand when they return? Special nest boxes for swifts and artificial cup nests for swallows and martins can be a huge help to breeding birds. Swift nests can even be incorporated into new buildings! Or why not leave a muddy puddle in your garden or some wet mud in a dustbin lid to help swallows and martins build their nests.

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Beaver Image by Josh Harris.

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