Thank you amazing volunteers!

At the Trust, we’re so lucky and grateful to have a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers. Ryan Stephens from our Bird Team works very closely with this team of fantastic people, coordinating duties and rotas, and he’s shared an insight into the challenges of the past year and the significant impact our volunteers have had in helping us tackle these tough times:

“Another year passes by at the Trust and we have seen so much happen over the past twelve months (and more). Challenges with COVID-19 regulations and lockdown periods in the early stages of 2021 certainly had an impact, but after a more prosperous summer and autumn, it certainly felt like things at the Trust were getting back to normal, until more recently. We wait to see what 2022 has in store for us.

One of the constants that we have seen throughout the past couple of years is the ongoing and invaluable support from our volunteer team. Without fail, week in and week out our team are on hand to help us with all that being a world-class visitor attraction entails. We have found that over the past two years our volunteers have grown into a very tightknit community and this warm and friendly atmosphere only enhances that feeling that hopefully our members and visitors feel when they step through our doors.

It really goes without saying that we would not be able to do what we do at the Trust without this team of people. Every hour that they give to help us with our mission is greatly appreciated, whether that be our long-standing volunteers who help us with our experience sessions, the volunteers who help us with the maintenance of aviaries, the team who help keep the grounds in shipshape condition or those who help us in the Trust shop or offices. We thank you for all the time you have given up to us throughout 2021.

Personally, I spent nearly two years volunteering at the Trust before I was offered a position on the Bird Team. Prior to this, I completed five weeks of work experience and one of the things I always remember from this time is how much the presence of other volunteers really helped me during those nervous first few weeks. Our volunteers are always ready to help some of the newer members of the team and take them under their wings.

So next time you visit, have a look out for that welcoming face as you enter a flying display. Look out for the people who are keeping the aviaries spotless. Look out for the team constructing new aviaries for our birds to live in, these people are the volunteers who are integral to what makes the Hawk Conservancy Trust the amazing place that it is. Thank you!”

Ryan Stephens

Registrar and Bird Team

Here are some photos of just a few of our lovely volunteers at work:


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