Wonderful Wallace, our juvenile Bald Eagle

Simon Christer, a member of the Bird Team, gives us an insight into working with our iconic Bald Eagles:

‘When visiting the Hawk Conservancy Trust, you will have seen our incredible Bald Eagles in our Valley of the Eagles display or you may have had the privilege to have our Bald Eagle Orion fly to you on an experience day.

Wallace is the youngest of our Bald Eagles at the Trust, he is only two years old, so he looks very different to the others, they have the well-known white head and tail. It can take a Bald Eagle up to seven years to look like that! His head and tail are slowly going white as he moults every year. His beak will also change from black to yellow – you can already see the yellow slowly coming through in his beak. His eye colour will also change!

Wallace currently flies in our Valley of the Eagles display,  swapping with Danebury.  At 30 years old, Danebury is our oldest eagle and flying bird at the Trust. Danebury has flown for many years over the valley behind Reg’s Wildflower Meadow.  He is also famous for going off for a bath in the local valley, and coming home a few hours later after he has dried off!

Wallace is flown in a slightly different way to Danebury: he still flies over the valley, but flies from the Trust. It is fantastic to watch him as he looks for thermals and height, he keeps looking for more height until he’s called home.  Danebury is given a chauffeur service, and flies home from a spot in the valley to soar across Reg’s Wildflower Meadow.

Wallace is also a very talkative eagle, especially if he spots me! I’ve worked with him since he came to the Trust, and he is one of the friendliest and kind-natured eagles I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.’


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