Goodbye Delta

At 11 years old, we said a sad goodbye to Delta, our Barn Owl, recently. Many of you will remember Delta from her captivating and mesmerising appearances with her brother, Charlie, as she flew across Reg’s Wildflower Meadow, on summer afternoons and evenings – a memorable and emotive moment for many. Delta will also be remembered for her quartering flights in the Woodland Arena, gracefully floating in and out of the trees. On occasion, she would also wander off to catch her own lunch in the Savannah Arena during the Woodland Owls display!

Over the years, she has been a special part of some couples’ weddings at the Trust and her legacy will live on in their photographs and memories. As a UK species, she has been a real ambassador in inspiring young and old to care for the wildlife on our doorsteps and the work we do to conserve Barn Owls.

As she moved into her later years, Delta was being treated for a heart condition which was causing a decline in her health. She made appearances in our displays up until only a few months ago and flew so elegantly. Whilst we were aware that heart failure was a possibility, we are still saddened to see her go. She peacefully passed away at the Trust. The team here will miss her, she has been a part of many of their lives for so long.



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