Volunteer at our bird of prey visitor attraction

Experienced carpenter? Avid gardener? Or just looking to put your spare time to good use? Consider joining our fantastic team of volunteers, without whom we simply couldn’t complete the work that we do.

If you would like to volunteer with us, we have plenty of activities for you to help us with from working on the park to in our shop. Below is a list of roles that we really need help with at the moment but if you think you can help us in any other way, and have read through the FAQs below, then please complete the enquiry form as we would love to hear from you.

Reception and Retail

We are looking for a Reception and Retail Volunteer to help us in the Trust Shop. This will include school holidays, bank holidays and weekends. It may also include occasional evening work for special events.

About the role:

You will need to be/have:

Amount of time required: Ideally one day per week (or more!), 9:30am-5pm

Conservation and Research

We do have some specific activities that give you an opportunity to get involved with our conservation and research work. Roles tend to be specific but we’re also always happy to hear from researchers about potential projects.

Find out more about our conservation and research volunteer roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enquire about becoming a volunteer?

If you think you fit one of the above roles then we would love to hear from you.

What happens next?

On selected dates throughout the year we hold informal meetings for anyone wishing to volunteer with us. These are simply a discussion as we really just want to find out a bit more about you and the sorts of tasks you are interested in getting involved with.

If you are successful, you will be asked for a contribution (£10.00) towards a Disclosure and Barring Service (previously CRB) check. Once this check has been carried out, we will be thrilled to welcome you into our team as one of our valued volunteers.

When and how often can I volunteer?

We are very flexible with when and how often you would like to volunteer although we do ask that you notify us when you plan to be in so that we can coordinate tasks accordingly. Some volunteers develop a regular, weekly schedule while others come on an ad hoc basis, so it is really up to you.

Voluntary hours are normally between 9am and 5:30pm although we will occasionally ask for some extra help at evening events.

Enquire today

Please be aware that, unfortunately, we cannot accept volunteers under the age of 16. Enquiries for volunteering positions with the Conservation and Research team should be completed via the Conservation and Research Volunteering page.

Did you know?
Vultures can locate a dead animal from far away. They use their excellent eyesight to watch other vultures that are looking for dead carcasses too, creating an efficient foraging network across huge areas.
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