Habitat Surveys

Bring out the inner nature detective to find out what’s really out there!

Pupils will get stuck into this activity by exploring pond and meadow habitats at the Trust and get up close with magnifying glasses to develop their investigative skills. They’ll then record their findings by using species ID and recording sheets.

These sessions can be split into three different sessions and, for larger groups, we can organise pond and meadow sessions to run simultaneously.

Key subject:


Subject links to:

Geography, ICT, Art

Adaptable for:

Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4


Curriculum links:

Running time:

30-40 minutes per session with a maximum group size of 15 pupils

Links to outreach visit topics:

Habitats and Adaptations, British Raptors and Conservation, Owl Pellet Investigation

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Did you know?
Many owls can see in almost complete darkness. Their eyes have many more rods and far fewer cones than human eyes. Rods are sensitive to low levels of light while cones deal more with colour and clarity at high light levels.
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