Life in words

Let our birds of prey broaden minds and inspire creative thinking and writing.

There are often stereotypes attached to animals and birds through films, stories and reputation. Life In Words creates an opportunity for pupils to see how our opinions and thoughts can be changed through the process of learning.

During the visit, there will be two discussion based sessions:

Teachers are given a copy of the spider diagrams and literature pieces to take back to school which can be used by pupils to produce a piece of creative writing or fact file. The work they create will be based on their own opinions and knowledge before and after their visit and they will be able to incorporate any new descriptive words they have learnt.

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ICT, Science

Adaptable for:

Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 4


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Links to outreach topics:

Art Workshop, History of Falconry

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Did you know?
Most birds of prey have a third eyelid which acts a bit like a windscreen wiper for their eyes.
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