Evening Owls

Selected evenings throughout Spring 2024

Doors open 5.30pm | Flying display commences 7pm

This spring, join us for a special evening with our owls! As night falls, you’ll experience our mystical owls and witness their graceful, silent flights in and out of the darkness over our Savannah Arena and amongst mysterious woodland.

Before the flying displays, there will be chance to explore parts of our grounds to meet some of the other owls in our care, where we’ll give you an insight to some of the conservation and research projects that we undertake with British owls.

Complete your evening out with some delicious food and drink before meeting our owls! Feathers Restaurant will be serving a delicious menu to keep you feeling warm throughout the evening

The evening will include two different flying displays in our Woodland and Savannah Arenas. These evenings are very popular, so book early. Come along wrapped up warm, and step out into the darkness with our owls.

Tickets: £21.50

Other useful information about this event

We would like to advise visitors that we have a natural countryside setting and sensible footwear and appropriate clothing for outdoors are recommended. Most walkways are laid paths; however you may find some natural unevenness within our grounds. This event will be held outside so please come dressed for the weather.

Did you know?
Kestrels don’t build their own nest. Instead, they use nests of other large birds (such as pigeons or crows), holes in trees, crevices in walls and cliff faces, or ledges of buildings.
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