Biodiversity Breakfast

Saturday 8 May, 7-10am

Join us for a special morning to enjoy and discover the best of British nature.

We’ll begin by taking you to Reg’s Wildflower Meadow to hear the enchanting sounds of the morning chorus of birdsong. Dr Matt Stevens (our UK Conservation Biologist) will accompany you to help identify individual bird calls and to share some of his wealth of knowledge of British birds.

You’ll also have the opportunity to get hands on as we discover some of the moth species which call Reg’s Wildflower Meadow home. On top of this, we’ll take you to our Woodland Arena where you’ll be able to meet and fly a British owl. Finally, we’ll end the morning in Feathers Restaurant with a sumptuous breakfast!


Tickets: £25 – includes Full English breakfast (vegetarian option available)

Other useful information about this event:

  • Ticket includes a Full English breakfast – please email info@hawkconservancy.org at least one week in advance of the event to notify us if you have any specific dietary requirements.
  • Ticket includes a half-price admission voucher to stay at the Trust for the rest of the day (this will be given to you on the day of the event).
  • The Trust reserves the right to vary the content and format of any event, without notice, if necessary.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

Did you know?
Gymnogenes have very flexible intertarsal leg joints. This means they can move their lower leg forwards, backwards and sideways.
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