Father Christmas' Flying Visit

Thursday 21 & Friday 22 December, 3-5pm or 6:30-8:30pm

Father Christmas and more of his magical team of owls will once again be stopping at the Trust for this special family event! Find out what mischief Evergreen the Elf is up to and watch the magical owls fly. Girls and boys will meet Mother Christmas, who will share some freshly-baked treats from her kitchen for the children to enjoy whilst she tells them about the magical owls.

Father Christmas’ elves will have a special present to give out to every good girl and boy!

This joyous family event includes a magical owl flying display and festive story-telling. It also includes a hot dog or burger, festive biscuit and hot drink.

Tickets: £22.95

FUNDRAISING EVENT – Your ticket will support the charitable work of the Hawk Conservancy Trust

Other useful information about this event

We would like to advise visitors that we have a natural countryside setting and sensible footwear and appropriate clothing for outdoors are recommended. Most walkways are laid paths; however you may find some natural unevenness within our grounds. This event will be held outside so please come dressed for the weather.

Did you know?
Gymnogenes have very flexible intertarsal leg joints. This means they can move their lower leg forwards, backwards and sideways.
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