African Sunset Safari

Saturday 9 July & Friday 29 July, 6-8:30pm (display starts 7:30pm)

Let us take you on safari and show you our team of African birds at their best as they fly across the skyline at sunset. Your safari guide will transport you to the Savannah for the evening, where our Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl will skim close overhead, our falcon will stoop from on high and our Secretary Bird will show its deadly strike. We’ll recreate a spectacle of African birds of prey, with vultures scavenging, the African Fish-Eagle fishing and our kites showing their aerial antics and we’ll tell tales of native wildlife in Africa with a combination of birds flying, theatre, music and special effects.

This wonderful summer’s evening event will begin with an opportunity to independently explore our grounds and see our birds in their homes before the display starts. Feathers Restaurant will be open to serve a range of delicious meals before the display or you might choose to bring a picnic to enjoy in the beautiful grounds at the Trust. This will be followed by a very different, yet magical flying display where you will witness the skill of our African birds at dusk.

Tickets: £19.95

The above ticket price includes a 10% voluntary donation to the Trust. The non-donation price is £18.14.


Food available during the evening

Feathers Restaurant will be open and serving a range of hot and cold snacks and drinks, cakes and ice creams including:

Daily Specials – examples Macaroni Cheese or Fish and Chips

If there any specific dietary requirements, please contact us on 01264 773850 in advance so that we can arrange an alternative selection.

Other useful information about your evening

We would like to advise visitors that we have a natural countryside setting and sensible footwear and appropriate clothing for outdoors are recommended. Most walkways are laid paths; however you may find some natural unevenness within our grounds. This event will be held outside so please come dressed for the weather.

The Trust reserves the right to vary the content and format of any event, without notice, if necessary. Terms and conditions apply

Did you know?
Eagles are often regarded to be, or portrayed as, symbols of power, freedom and transcendence.
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