Members' Night



Each year, we invite our members to an exclusive event to thank them for their continued support.  This event is FREE to attend for all Peak Annual and Life Members. It will be a fun-filled evening with some exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, including:

  • A chance to find out more about our 100 Club
  • Introductions to the newest members of our team, and a chance to see some of their early flights and training.
  • Updates of all our conservation and research work from the past year
  • An insight to our latest education work with Tom Morath
  • Announcement of the overall winner of our 2021 Photographic Competition
  • Barbecue (£5.50 per person)

You will need your membership number (shown on your card) to hand and there will be an option on the next page to pre-book your barbecue at the same time. We look forward to seeing you!

Did you know?
The Secretary Bird’s name could originate from two theories. The first is that it looks are like the old-fashioned secretaries who carried quill pens behind their ears. Alternatively, it could come from the Arabic ‘saqr-et-tair’. Saqr means ‘hunter’ or ‘hawk’ and tair means ‘flight’ or ‘bird’.
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