Music on the Wing

Saturday 23 June, 6pm

Join us for an enchanting evening with the London Military Band performing as our birds dance across the skies above Reg’s Wildflower Meadow.

This special evening event will take you on a journey: witness the serene Barn Owls glide through the warm summer air, accompanied by beautiful classical notes; marvel at the drama of our Bald Eagles coming home, amplified by the live band; and enjoy the added humour of Dr No in his very own Bond ‘movie’. This is just a taste of what we have in store for you on this wonderful evening that will conclude with a dramatic finale from the British Army’s Parachute Regiment Display Team, The Red Devils.

Fundraising Event – Proceeds from ticket sales and picnic boxes sold for this event will directly support the work of the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

Tickets: £35

Picnic Boxes

Picnic boxes can no longer be ordered for this event.

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Did you know?
The Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl is one of the smallest species of owl but can capture prey larger than itself. It will sometimes dash through thick foliage to surprise prey.
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