Sunset at the Trust

Saturday 1 June, Saturday 13 July, Saturday 27 July, Saturday 10 August.

Feathers Restaurant opens from 5:30pm

Flying display commences from 7:00pm

The Hawk Conservancy Trust invites you to a special summer’s evening with our feathered friends. Against a stunning sunset sky, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a wide range of our incredible birds of prey and the dedicated team working alongside them. Step inside the world of these awesome birds to watch them soar, swoop and dive over our grounds at dusk – showing off their skills before your very eyes in two breathtaking flying displays.

From the speed of our falcons to strength of our eagles, you’ll experience the might and power of these amazing birds whilst immersed in the Hampshire countryside, with expert commentary from our team to top off an amazing evening celebrating nature.

Before the first display begins, you’ll have time to grab a bite to eat from Feathers Restaurant, and independently explore the Trust grounds at this tranquil time of day after regular opening hours, and see our birds in their homes settling down for the evening.

Tickets: £21.50

Useful information about this event

We would like to advise visitors that we have a natural countryside setting and sensible footwear and appropriate clothing for outdoors are recommended. Most walkways are laid paths; however you may find some natural unevenness within our grounds. This event will be held outside so please come dressed for the weather.

Did you know?
The Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl is one of the smallest species of owl but can capture prey larger than itself. It will sometimes dash through thick foliage to surprise prey.
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