Guardians of the Meadow Appeal

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We would like to invite you to become a Guardian of our meadow, Reg’s Wildflower Meadow, and help to secure the future of the Hawk Conservancy Trust.

2020 marked the 25th anniversary of the creation of Reg’s Wildflower Meadow and it also marked the biggest challenge to the Trust in it’s 56-year history. The necessary restrictions we had to put in place to help the fight against COVID-19 had a significant impact on our income and the future of the Trust and our renowned conservation work was in question.

We appealed to friends and supporters of the Trust to help us raise funds by becoming a Guardian of the Meadow and adopting a plot and we were bowled over by the support we received, and continue to receive as many of you are choosing to adopt a section of the Trust as a special connection between the Trust and you.

In 1995, we created a seven-acre wildflower meadow, returning what was for decades an agricultural field back to original chalk downland. Named in memory of one of the Trust’s founders, Reg Smith, the meadow is an integral part of the visitor’s experience. The meadow is a special place to many people whether it be memories of watching our beautiful birds fly across the wild flowers, where wedding photos were taken, to remember a loved one, or by simply bringing it to life by being part of our Sarson Falconer display.

Please join us by becoming a Guardian of the Meadow. Helping to protect the future of the Hawk Conservancy Trust and ultimately support the fortunes of birds of prey and their habitats.

By sharing our past with you, we hope that you can help secure our future

“Dear Friend of the Trust, I ask you to please consider joining the Trust by adopting a plot in the meadow.  We will then, all of us, continue to be inspired by Reg’s Wildflower Meadow. Young and old will have the opportunity to learn and be enthralled as our birds soar in the valley for generations to come, something that my late father, I know, would be so proud of.

Ashley Smith – Founder

Become a Guardian of the Meadow

We have divided Reg’s Wildflower Meadow into six areas and assigned a champion species to each of these areas. You may like to choose an area of the meadow special to you, or perhaps it is the species you’re most fond of. Take a look at our aerial image and choose your preferred section for which you’d like to become a guardian.

Guardians of the Meadow will receive a certificate of adoption and their name will be displayed on a special sign, located at the Trust. It costs £100 per plot adoption and this lasts for five years. As a guardian, you will be helping to preserve the future of the Trust and your support will be greatly appreciated. There are no limits to the number of plots you can adopt, so you might feel able to help us by adopting all six.

Selecting a Meadow Guardianship for a loved one offers a unique gift and unites us in securing the future of the Trust.

If £100 might be a bit of a challenge, yet you still want to become a Guardian and help us out, why not rally round with other friends and club together to share a plot? We’d love it if the meadow became a special place you could all visit together. If you would like to fundraise to become a Guardian of the Meadow, you can download our handy fundraising pack to help get you started.


Visit April to May to see the meadow covered in beautiful yellow Cowslips.

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Visit June to September to see much of the meadow awash with bright Rough Hawkbits.

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Musk Mallow

Flower from June to September, enjoy the delicate pink flowers and musk scent.

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These bold red flowers are easy to spot when in full bloom between June and September.

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Visit in June and July to see one of our rarer and more exciting, the Pyramidal Orchid.

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Wild Marjoram

Flowering in June to September, you’ll notice it’s beautiful smell and dark pink flowers.

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We are asking for your help to secure the future of the Hawk Conservancy Trust by becoming a Guardian of the Meadow and help protect the future of the meadow, the Hawk Conservancy Trust and ultimately the fortunes of birds of prey and their habitats.
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