Snow Photography Days

On the rare occasion it snows, we usually receive requests to come and photograph our birds in the snow.  Should weather conditions mean it would be unsafe to open to the general public, or it snows during our closed period, we may be able to allow small escorted groups in to capture the spectacle (at your own risk). This is perfect if you are a keen photographer who would love to get some special shots of our cold climate birds in a natural setting, which will include our Snowy Owl and one of our Great Grey Owls.

Your experience:

Because of the nature of the event i.e. snowy and possibly slippery conditions underfoot, guests must be aware that attendance will be at their own risk.

Dates available:

If these special snowy day openings go ahead, they will be announced only on our website, Facebook and Twitter on the day. A two hour session will cost £100 with a very limited number of places available – and on a first come first served basis.

Please only turn up if you have a confirmed space.

Price: £100

Frequently asked questions:

Can I bring guests?

Due to the nature of this experience, we regret that additional participants are not permitted to join the experience for any reason.

What should I wear?

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing and shoes, avoid bright coloured clothing and bring waterproofs in case of inclement weather.

Do I need any special equipment?

You will need your fully charged camera and an empty memory card. All other necessary training and equipment are supplied.

Other useful information about your experience:

Did you know?
Tawny Owls are the only owl in the world that make the renowned ‘Twiiit-twhooo’ sound!
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