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There are all sorts of roles in our team, from conservation and bird care to catering and administration. Our team is made up of a core of permanent staff, seasonal staff, volunteers and work experience students.

Job vacancies

We currently have no paid vacancies available but they do come up from time to time so do check this page regularly.

Work experience
A number of opportunities are available for students (aged 16 or over) seeking work experience. Applications should be made 8 – 10 months in advance and should be for a minimum of 2 weeks.
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Every year, the Hawk Conservancy Trust offers a limited number of apprenticeships in Work-based Animal Care in association with KEITS.
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Did you know?
Owls are often associated with Hallowe’en because in the Middle Ages they were often thought to be witches. It was also believed that if you heard an owl’s call, it meant someone was going to die.
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