We’re open – Important Information

We are so pleased to be able to re-open our doors, thank you for sticking with us! The Trust has not been the same without our visitors and our team, both human and avian, are really looking forward to seeing you all again.  We’re disappointed that we won’t be able to welcome as many of you as we would normally do at this time of year, however, restricting the number of people is necessary to do our bit to keep our members, visitors, staff, volunteers and animals as safe and healthy as we can.  We are reviewing our capacity and will be opening up more sessions to book as soon as we can.

Pre-booking is essential (members and non-members will need to be pre-book).  Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Inevitably, we’ve had to make changes but the great news is…..there will be three of our fabulous flying displays each day.

There are two really important things that we would like to happen during your visit:

We need your help to achieve this.  Inevitably, we have made some changes to a day at the Trust but we’re very confident you can have the usual uplifting day with us.   Please work together with us to help everyone have a great day with our birds and stay safe and healthy.

Here’s a handy summary of the key things for you to know

The birds flown each day may vary from those shown in this clip.

What we need you to do

What we’re doing

Before coming to the Trust

Please do not visit if….

Please do not come and visit the Trust if you have or are living with anyone with symptoms of coronavirus or have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the last 14 days.  Please do not visit if you or anyone you are living with is awaiting test results until you have completed the isolation period or the test is negative. Covid-19 symptoms can be found here.

We advise you do not visit if you are in the vulnerable or shielded category.

Pre-booking only

In order to provide space for social distancing at our displays and around our grounds, sadly, we are having to restrict the numbers of visitors coming to the Trust each day to a number far fewer than we would usually welcome into the park at this time of year.

To manage this, it will be necessary for all visitors (members and non-members) to pre-book their visit to the Trust. We won’t be able to allow any visitors to come into the Trust without a pre-booking which can be done online.

Pre-booked tickets cannot be refunded and are non-transferable.  If you are unable to visit due to experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, please contact us as soon as you experience symptoms and we will make arrangements with you.  We hope you understand that we may ask for some confirmation.

We will continually monitor the number of visitors we can welcome to the Trust and therefore will release pre-bookable visit sessions on a periodic basis, this will be announced on our social media pages.

If you already have a voucher for a regular day visit for the Trust, this can be used to pre-book your visit online.  We changed ticketing systems earlier in the year, so if you experience any difficulties it could be that you have a voucher from our previous system.  Please don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll help to get you booked in.  If you have purchased e-tickets, these cannot be used to pre-book tickets online, please call to pre-book.  These tickets have been extended for another 6 months to give you plenty of time to use them and to cover our closed period.


We’re delighted to invite some of our most loyal supporters back and hope that you will understand that we need to ask you to pre-book your visit to allow us to manage the number of visitors at the Trust for safe social distancing.  You can pre-book your visit online on our website, via email at info@hawkconservancy.org or over the telephone.  We anticipate that our slots will be taken very quickly and we will not be able to respond as quickly via telephone or to emails as the online booking system, we therefore recommend you book online.

To be able to book online, please check the type of membership card you have.  There are three types;

1) New (Green)

2) Old (White)

3) Temporary (You won’t have been issued a card yet, your reference begins with TMP)

Those with new cards or temporary reference will be able to book online.  Those with old cards will need to contact us to be issued with a new card to be able to book online.  Please contact us on 01264 773850 or info@hawkconservancy.org

The pictures below show you the older (white) and newer (green) membership cards to help you identify which you have.

We are issuing a plea to all members to be respectful with the number of visits you book.  Please only book visits you know you will use.  If you are unable to use your visit please contact us at least 24 hours before your visit to give us the potential to re-allocate your visit.  We are aiming to provide generous access for our members as we know you are our greatest supporters, but we are likely to struggle to satisfy everyone, particularly in the early days of re-opening.

At this stage we would like to work with our community of members to help support us with this during these challenging times.  If we notice lots of visits being booked that doesn’t allow a fair use for others or a pattern of members not turning up for pre-booked visits, we will be forced to re-assess this approach and investigate giving members an allocation of visits and/or asking for a fee to visit.  We really don’t want to have to do this! We hope you understand and we understand that you are all very keen to come back and use your membership and would like it to be fair for all.

Pre-bookable ‘Go Safe Pack’

If you would like to pre-order a pack which contains a face covering, hand-sanitiser and packet of tissues, these are for sale and can be pre-ordered online and collected when you arrive.

Bring your waterproofs

Our sheltered areas aren’t spacious enough to allow for social distancing unfortunately, therefore we recommend packing your waterproofs for those rainy days because these areas won’t be available to duck underneath.

Once you arrive at the Trust

Social distancing

Please respect others and keep a safe distance in all areas of the Trust.  We have put many measures in place to make this as easy as possible, but we need your help with this. If you have any concerns with social distancing, please speak with a member of staff.

Social distancing with children

We understand this is a challenge, however, we’d like to ask those with children to supervise them at all times to make sure they are social distancing too!

Car parking

As we are not able to welcome as many visitors as we would do normally to allow for social distancing, there will be plenty of space for you to park your car away from other cars to allow you to get in and out without coming into close proximity with others.

After you have parked, you will be greeted by a friendly member of our team to welcome you and show you where to go.

On arrival

Only those customers (including members) who have pre-booked will be able to visit.  When you have parked, you will be asked to queue outside at the usual 2 metre spacing. We’ve installed some helpful posts to guide you.  You will be asked to use hand sanitiser before you come into the Trust.

As you reach reception, a friendly member of our team, positioned behind screens, will check you in and point you in the right direction. We ask that only one member of your party approach the desk and that the remainder of your party wait for you to be checked-in. A one-way system through the shop will be in place.  The number of people moving through the shop/reception will be carefully managed to reduce the number in this area at one time. We have face-coverings, sanitiser and tissues for purchase with a card if you wish, simply ask at reception.

Our daily displays

We know the highlight of your day is our flying displays and although we have had to make modifications to the Trust overall, we’re delighted to offer three flying displays that will take place every day during the following times:

Please add additional time to make your way to the displays to allow for queues to be seated.

We’re unable to offer any other activities at this stage, although this is under constant review and we’re hoping to add more to our daily timetable when we are confident this can be done safely and the restrictions allow it.

Opening and closing times

Face coverings and screens

To protect our visitors and staff, some members of our team, depending on their role, will be wearing face coverings and gloves. We have also installed protective screens in our restaurant and shop. As required by government regulations, all visitors will need to wear masks or face covering for admission in our shop, in Feathers Restaurant and in our toilets.


We pride ourselves on keeping the Trust clean and we have put extra measures in place to clean more thoroughly than before. There will be frequent cleans of high-touch points and toilets whilst the Trust is open as well as a deep clean of key areas at the end of each day. You will see lots of staff cleaning regularly during the day.


Doors will be left open to avoid unnecessary touching of door handles. Please help us to leave them open.


Where possible, please avoid touching things around the grounds. There will be helpful reminders in key spots including the signs, screens and windows. Please help us by not touching items in the shop or restaurant unless you are going to be purchase them.

Moving around the Trust

We have changed some of the entrances and exits around the site to reduce the risk of coming into close proximity with others. We have plenty of signs dotted around, making it really easy to follow and there are plenty of our team to help everyone follow the correct pathways. There are some one-way sections; around the National Bird of Prey Hospital™, the Meet the Burrowers tunnel and the Discovery Barn.

Closed sections

Some areas are closed including the viewing hides and garden section.


The children’s playground is now open. This play equipment is cleaned three times a day with disinfectant spray. Please use hand sanitiser both before and after using the equipment. When using the play equipment do not touch your face. There are a maximum number of users on each piece of equipment which are explained on site. Please limit your use if you see others waiting so that as many children as possible can play. Consumption of food and drink within play areas is not permitted.

Queues and seating arrangements for the displays

We will ask you to queue in certain places to ensure that we can maintain social distancing.  These queuing points will be found on arrival, and at the toilets, the restaurant and Shepherd’s Hut, the displays arenas and the shop.  Our staff will assist with seating arrangements in the arenas to ensure sufficient spacing between visitor household parties (we’ll seat you with your group if you are a household or bubble that the government allows to meet without social distancing).  There will also be queuing markers to help you out. We will ask you to use hand sanitiser before entering the arenas.

A selection of hot and cold refreshments

We are able to offer food and drink from Feathers Restaurant and the Shepherd’s Hut in Reg’s Wildflower Meadow. Our menu will be simple in comparison to our usual wide range of offerings and will be served in recyclable containers. We are adding to this as we get used to the new restrictions. If busy, please have only one member of your party order and collect your refreshments. There will be a one-way system in place and our staff will assist you to queue in the right place. You will be asked to sanitise your hands at Feathers Restaurant. The restaurant tables inside won’t be in use, however, those purchasing food from the restaurant can use the tables outside on the area above under the trees, which will be disinfected between each customer. We’d love it if you can buy food and drink from us, it will really help bring in some money at a time when we’ve lost a lot!



As you arrive at the Trust, we would like to ask you to save your shopping urges for later in the day.  To avoid people congregating unsafely in our little shop, on arrival after you’ve been checked in, we would like to ask you to move straight through into the park and come back for purchases later in the day.

The numbers of people in the shop at any time will be monitored to facilitate social distancing, so there may be a queue to re-enter the shop. You will be able to shop and leave, or shop and return to the park if you wish.

Toilets  – We know this one is important!

We’ve put lots of measures in place to make our toilets as clean and safe as we can.  Our toilets will be cleaned every 60 minutes.  External toilet doors will be kept open to reduce unnecessary contact with door handles.  We’ll be managing the toilet queue and asking each person to hand-sanitise before they visit the toilet as well as advising to thoroughly wash hands before leaving the toilets.  We’re also asking that you close the toilet lid before flushing.  We’ve closed off some of our toilets to allow for social distancing and to streamline our hygiene processes.  We’ve disabled our hand dryers and replaced them with paper towels because they are less likely to spread germs.

Baby changing and accessible toilets will be open for use in Feathers Restaurant.

Hand sanitiser and hand-washing

We have plenty of sanitiser stations around the Trust, please don’t hold back and use it liberally whenever you feel like it.  You will be asked to sanitise your hands at various points; on arrival, before visiting the toilet and as you enter our display arenas and restaurant.  Please feel free to use it more often and take a good squirt and rub in for 20 seconds until it’s dry.  We also sell packs of sanitiser, masks and tissues in the shop.  We have hand-washing stations in our toilets and outside the Burrowing Owls aviary.


We’re inviting visitors with picnics to eat them in the ‘Picnic Field’.  There will be signs to follow to the picnickers’ exit so you can head to this area. We will be checking you out and back in again though the gate near the Discovery Barn so don’t forget to take your booking details with you. Sadly, we will not be able to provide tables and seating, but you are welcome to bring your blanket.

As we are not able to maintain the hygiene levels for picnickers, we are not able to accommodate them within the park. We are also asking picnickers to take their rubbish home with them for recycling and disposal.

Card payments only

We are only able to accept payments made by card (except Amex and Diners Club cards) and encourage contactless payments whenever possible. We have disposable wooden stirrer sticks for you to use to enter your PIN so you can avoid touching the keys.  Card machines will be disinfected in between use, if chip and pin is required.

Other FAQs


Although we are currently open to visitors during the day, we are still unable to offer experiences and encounters because the nature of these activities require close contact.  We are thinking as creatively as we can to find a solution that allows us to offer these again as soon as possible.

When we are able to offer experiences and encounters, we will require you to contact us to book an experience/encounter date and time.  We will provide more information when we have worked this out.

If you already have a voucher for an experience or Meet the Burrowers VIP Encounter including admission, we will extend this for an additional 6 months. There is no need for you to contact us, we will update this on our system and extend the expiry date.


Naturally we have had to postpone to some of our planned events this year.  We are working our socks off to come up with some ways to offer events under the current restrictions or if restrictions ease.  If you are booked onto an event and we are unable to go ahead, our team will contact you.  Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for announcements of events we’ll be able to offer.

Afternoon Tea with Admission Ticket Vouchers

We are not able to offer our usual Afternoon Tea experience in Feathers Restaurant with table service and pretty china.  However, we can provide your afternoon tea as a take-away box which you are welcome to enjoy on our patio tables.  If you already have a voucher and would like to book, please call 01264 773850.  This cannot be booked online.


If you are visiting as a carer accompanying a visitor will special needs, please call our team on 01264 773850 to book your visits.  Carer tickets cannot be booked online.

Free tickets issued for adopters

Thank you for adopting one of our birds.  If you have not used your free ticket that was issued as part of your adoption, please call a member of our team on 01264 77350 and we can pre-book your visit.  We have extended the validity of your admission tickets to cover the closed period and to give you a longer time to use your ticket.

Free tickets or discounted vouchers/entry/admission

As we are having to restrict the number of visitors, we’re sorry that we’re not able to accept discounts until we have sufficient capacity to accommodate them.  This includes, but is not limited to, Hampshire Top Attractions discounts and Blue Peter discounts.  We are unable to accept free tickets that you may have been granted in special circumstances either. We hope we can change this as soon as possible.

Half-price tickets – expired 31 March 2020

If you have our half-price tickets that expired at the end of March and have not managed to use them due to COVID-19 restrictions/closure, although the Trust is now open, we need to restrict the number of visitors, and we’re sorry that we’re not able to accept these tickets until we have sufficient capacity to accommodate them.   Our current plan is for you to use these tickets during the months of October and November 2020.

Tesco Vouchers

We are unable to accept Tesco vouchers in exchange for a visit to the Trust at the moment.  If you have already exchanged your Tesco vouchers for a visit to the Trust and have any queries relating to existing unredeemed vouchers, please contact Tesco on 0800 591 688* or 0330 123 1688** Option 2, Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm and Saturday: 8am to 6pm.* Free from BT landlines. Other providers vary. Calls may be recorded.** Charged at local rate from mobiles and private telephones.

Breeze Radio Vouchers

If you purchased tickets from the Breeze in February 2020 of this year, although the Trust is now open, we need to restrict the number of visitors, and we’re sorry that we’re not able to accept discounted tickets until we have sufficient capacity to accommodate them.  We have extended the validity of your tickets until 20 March 2021.  You do not need to do anything to extend the validity of your voucher, this extension has been applied automatically.

Any other questions

We are expecting our telephone line to be red-hot so please bear with the team answering the phone.  If you can, please email us on info@hawkconservancy.org as a first port of call if you can’t find your answer above.


We need your support more than ever before.  Most of you know that we are a humble organisation that works hard to earn our keep and actively avoid pressurising asks for financial help.  We generate the majority of our income from our visitors and this funds the vital conservation work we do.  The lack of income from being closed and having limited numbers is severely impacting our ability to carry out our vital conservation work.  For a small organisation, we make a big impact with our mission – the conservation of birds of prey – please help us, if you can, continue to do this.  Click here to ways to help page.

Thank you

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