Adopt a Burrowing Owl

Adopt a Burrowing Owl – Meet Cottonmouth!

If you’d like to adopt an owl that although might be small, has one of our largest personalities, then adopt Cottonmouth the Burrowing Owl.

Cottonmouth was born in 2018, and arrived at the Trust at just a few weeks old, alongside her two older brothers and sister. The Burrowing Owls live in their family group in our ‘Burrow’. Cottonmouth is one of our cheeky Burrowing Owls who you may have met on one of our Met the Burrowers VIP Experiences!

Cottonmouth is a strong-willed and confident owl. Although she is the youngest out of her siblings, she has definitely marked herself as the boss of the group! Despite her confidence, Cottonmouth can also be rather sensitive, and it can take some time for the members of our Bird Team to fully earn her trust.

Burrowing Owls are very vocal, with many different calls. Chicks will even imitate rattlesnakes to deter predators from the burrow!

If you’re looking to adopt an owl, why not adopt our miniature but mighty Burrowing Owl, Cottonmouth!

Adopt a Burrowing Owl today! Our adoption packages below provide the perfect gift.

Adopt a Burrowing Owl from just £25

If you choose to adopt a bird of prey or owl you will be helping towards the care of our birds and conservation work that takes place in the UK and overseas. It is a gift that keeps on giving.  You could adopt a Burrowing Owl as a gift or for yourself.  Choose from the various Burrowing Owl adoption options below.


Our Digital Adoption packs make a fantastic present for bird fanatics! This digital package arrives straight into your inbox for you to forward on to your chosen recipient, or print out for yourself. There’s no packaging, no waiting on the post, and a lesser impact on the environment.

As part of your Digital Adoption pack, you will receive by email:

  • A digital certificate of adoption
  • A digital fact sheet about your adopted species
  • A digital, high-resolution photo of your adoptee

Your fees, which are renewable annually, contribute to the care of our birds.


Adopt a Burrowing Owl

Digital+ Adoption packs have all the benefits of our Digital Adoptions, plus the chance to come and see your adoptee at the Hawk Conservancy Trust’s award-winning Visitor Attraction Centre! As part of your Digital+ Adoption pack, you will receive by email:

  • An admission eVoucher to the Trust so that you can visit us and see your adoptee
  • Your name displayed on our Adoptions board
  • A digital  certificate of adoption
  • A digital fact sheet about your adopted species
  • A digital, high-resolution photo of your adoptee

Your fees, which are renewable annually, contribute to the care of our birds.


Adopt a Burrowing Owl
Meet our cheeky Burrowing Owls

We tried to do some hidden camera filming of our team of Burrowing Owls. However, they found it immediately and proceeded to investigate it thoroughly!

A morning with the Burrowing Owls

Join Bird Team member Jennie as she shares her morning routine with the Burrowing Owls!

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Adopt a bird of prey FAQ'S

What types of birds of prey can I adopt?

There are seven birds of prey that you can adopt: Sweeney Todd the Snowy Owl, Charlie the Barn Owl, Simba the African White-backed Vulture, Angola the Secretary Bird, Raj the Peregrine Falcon, Cottonmouth the Burrowing Owl or Orion the Bald Eagle. Please note Cottonmouth the Burrowing Owl is only available as a Digital or Digital Plus adoption exclusively.

Can I meet the bird of prey I have adopted?

If you choose our Digital+ or Standard Bird of Prey Adoption pack, you will have an admission voucher included in your adoption pack for you to visit the Hawk Conservancy Trust. If you ask a member of our team on arrival they will be able to show you where your adopted bird of prey’s aviary is around the Trust grounds so you can see them.

How long does my Bird of Prey Adoption last for?

All Bird of Prey Adoptions last one year from date of purchase.

Does my Adoption automatically renew?

Your Bird of Prey Adoption does not automatically renew, however you will receive an email before your adoption is about to expire notifying you of the approaching expiry date and a reminder to renew.

Will my name be on a plaque?

If you have adopted a bird of prey with our Digital+ or Standard Adoption packs, you can find your name on our Adoptions Board next to our Rose Arch. Premium Adoptions will have the adoptee’s name on a plaque on the adopted bird of prey’s aviary.

Did you know?
Black-chested Buzzard-Eagles have nests made of sticks and these almost always located on isolated and inaccessible rock and canyon ledges.
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