Daily bird of prey flying displays

A visit to the Hawk Conservancy Trust is an inspiring and uplifting day out for all ages. During the summer, we have three world-class, spectacular flying demonstrations daily, where up to 20 of our impressive birds fly in our serene surroundings, all included in your entrance price. Each display takes place in a different arena with a different team of birds. You can expect to get very close to our birds as they swoop over your head whilst our passionate and knowledgeable team will provide a light-hearted and informative commentary.

Wings of Africa – 11:30am (April-October)

Step into the Savannah, as we show how our awesome African birds fly as they would in the wild. Watch White Storks fly elegantly alongside vultures and kites and see our Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and African Fish Eagle too. Experience the dramatic impact of a bushfire and African rainstorm. A display inspired by the conservation work we do in Africa with vultures, which both entertains and infects you with our passion for these fantastic, yet vital creatures. We will also demonstrate the magnificent hunting skills of the Secretary Bird, as you watch him annihilate a rubber snake! One of our Secretary Birds has been part of some important research to look at the strength, speed and force of a Secretary Bird’s kick. This research could be applied by scientists looking at prosthetics.

Masters of the Sky - 2:00pm (April - October)

In the majesty of Reg’s Wildflower Meadow, watch in wonder and awe as we showcase the most amazing birds of prey from around the world, all together in one incredible new display. These species will highlight birds of prey and their exceptional adaptations – from some of the biggest birds of prey to the fastest, the most intelligent birds and the most vulnerable. Masters of the Sky will have the most birds we’ve ever flown in one of our daily flying displays, as well as the widest range of species too. You’ll see some of our biggest birds take to the skies in ways you’ve never seen before – taking off from our brand new 8m tall towers and soaring overhead in breath-taking flights. You’ll witness awe-inspiring species such as the vultures, eagles, falcons and kites.


Woodland Owls – 3:45pm (March-October), 11:30am (November-February)

Immerse yourself in a world of fascination and folklore with our Woodland Owls display.  Witness an array of beautiful owls skim silently over your head and discover more about the legends and tales of these ethereal creatures in this intimate demonstration. See our owls display their unique hunting and flying skills as they glide around the Silver Birch Glade, our unique woodland arena with intriguing new features. Sights and sounds will accompany these creatures in flight to take you back into the mystical world so closely associated with these birds. This enchanting and intimate demonstration will introduce you to a variety of owl species including the Barn Owl, Great Grey Owl, Eagle Owl and Tawny Owl.

A World of Birds of Prey – 11:30am (March and October), 2pm (November-February)

See birds from all across the globe! Enjoy the experience of watching birds of prey demonstrating their natural behaviour in this intriguing display. You will be amazed as you experience, close up, the incredible skills of a falcon and enjoy seeing owls demonstrate their ability to fly silently as they skim through the audience. See the Striated Caracara show its preferred colour and watch it show intrigue and interest in food in extraordinary hidden places.

Daily timetable

Take a look at our daily timetable to see which displays will be showing when you plan to visit. Every time you visit our birds will guarantee a new and different display from the last time that you visited – the perfect excuse to visit time and time again!

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Book your tickets today and experience the best displays in the UK. It’s a full day out. Plan to arrive at 10am and be entertained until 5.30pm when the park closes.

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Timings, locations and species for our displays may vary. For specific information about the displays taking place on the day of your visit, please ask at reception when you arrive, see the information boards in the park or call the office.
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